Tools You Need to Dye Your Hair at Home

Tools You Need to Dye Your Hair at Home

Dyeing your hair at home can be a daunting task, but with these tools the process will go a lot smoother.

Sure, you don’t NEED these tools, but they are a really good investment if you regularly dye your hair at home. Before you begin, lay out all of these items on the table or counter closest to where you will be dying your hair so you don’t have to scrounge around for stuff mid-dye.

1. A salon style hair colorist tool kit. You can also purchase the brushes, bowl, and clips separately but it’s much cheaper to buy them together.

2. A hair dye cape or a dark towel to protect your clothes from hair dye stains. Or you could just dye your hair in your undies haha (I do).

3. Gloves. Box dyes already come with a pair of gloves but sometimes they rip. Hair dye will stain your fingers for a good three days, so it’s always good to have a backup.

4. A hand mirror to help you dye the back of your head. There is nothing worse than discovering a patch of uncolored hair. Trust me.

5. A reusable or disposable shower cap. The hair dye will work faster if you wrap up the hair to contain the heat.

6. And of course, a box or two of hair dye.

Also, remember to thoroughly clean your tools after each hair dye session to prolong their longevity and so they are ready for the next time you need them!

What are your ‘must haves’ for an at home hair dye session? Let me know below 😀
Thanks for reading 🙂
<3 Candice

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