The Face Shop Sheet Mask Haul

I went a little crazy at The Face Shop the other day. I walked into the store in need of one face mask and came out with six…Sorry, not sorry ahahahaha

The picture above shows five sheet masks even thought I bought six, and that’s because I used the Rice mask before bed last night 😀 It was great ahaha anyway on to the haul! I picked up the Acai Berry mask, Aloe mask, Red Ginseng mask, Blueberry mask and Lemon mask.

The Face Shop Lemon Sheet Mask
This is the only mask of the bunch that I’ve used before and it’s great. It claims to be a “brightening mask sheet containing fresh lemon extract to brighten dull skin tone while maintaining its translucence.” I use it on nights when I notice a pimple about to surface. I leave it on my face for 20 minutes before bed and when I wake up the pimple has vanished or has significantly decreased in size + my face looks brighter and softer. My theory is that the acidity of the lemon extract kills some of the blemishes’ bacteria.

The Face Shop Lemon Sheet Mask review
The Face Shop Acai Berry Sheet Mask
“This mask contains acai berry extract with firming and moisturizing properties.”

The Face Show Acai Berry Sheet Mask Review
The Face Shop Red Ginseng Sheet Mask
“This mask sheet contains red ginseng extract to energize and nourish tired skin.”
The Face Shop Red Ginseng Sheet Mask review
The Face Shop Blueberry Sheet Mask
“This nourishing mask sheet contains blueberry extract with softening properties for younger-looking skin.”
The Face Shop Blueberry Sheet Mask review

The Face Shop Aloe Sheet Mask
“This mask sheet contains aloe extract to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.”
The Face Shop Aloe Sheet Mask review
I’ve used The Face Shop’s Sheet masks in the past and they are wonderful for rejuvenating tired, dry skin so I can’t wait to give these ones a go.
Each mask retails for 2 dollars CAD at The Face Shop, which if you ask me is pretty pricey since you only get one use out of them. I usually buy them online but went into the store to ask about new products + get some samples. These are the samples I got:


If you’re interested, I’d suggest buying them online for about a dollar each instead of two dollars! Click the pic below for more info + customer reviews + price

Have you used any of these masks before? Let me know in the comments 😀
<3 Candice