Strobing Makeup Tutorial….What is Strobing !?

Ah, to have a sculpted luminous face like the Victoria’s Secret angels. Totally possible with strobing!

Strobing has been around for ages. This technique is used a lot by drag queens and entertainers who want a more dramatic look, but recently it’s been gaining a lot of popularity with makeup lovers around the world. So what is it? Strobing is a makeup technique in which a highlighter or illuminating product of some kind is placed on the cheek bones, nose bridge, cupids bow, inner corners of the eye and under neath the brow to sculpt out the face and give it more dimension. The idea is that light will reflect off of these areas and pull your features forward. If you aren’t a fan of contouring your face because you think it’s too heavy or difficult then give this technique a go because it’s a great way to enhance your face while simultaneously giving you that model glow.

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