Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Review

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Review

The Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy nail polishes are inspired by outer-space, and they definitely look cosmic!

The one I’m reviewing today is in the shade ‘Moon Dust.’ It’s a double ended tube, and like all of the other shades one side houses a solid colour while on the other end is an iridescent top coat. The solid colour is a beautiful dark navy while the top coat has chunks of silver, green, yellow and blue glitter pieces. The chunks of ‘glitter’ are quite large and look like tiny fragments of broken glass as opposed to round pieces of glitter.

I’m obsessed with this nail polish. It’s so beautiful, festive and the dark colour pairs so well with the glitter top coat. In terms of longevity, the top coat+solid base colour last about three days when worn together. If I don’t use the sparkly top coat the solid colour only lasts a day before it starts to chip away, which is kind of disappointing but it’s a situation that can be remedied. If I use the solid colour+a long lasting top coat then it stays on for almost a week.  If I use both ends of the polish + a long lasting top coat then it stays on all week. So moral of the story is pair this polish with a good quality top coat haha.

revlon nail art moon candy moon dust review
BEAUTIFUL effect. It’s even more stunning in person. The top coat gives the effect of shimmery broken glass
Very pigmented – One coat of the solid colour produces a deep opaque layer
Easy to apply – The brush is a standard nail polish brush but the polish glides on easily
Affordable – About $6 CAD

Doesn’t last long without a top coat

Yes! The top coat effect is pretty unique; I haven’t come across another nail polish that has a similar type of ‘glittery’ chunks. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to play around with nail colours and effects. True, It doesn’t last long without a good quality top coat but with one it lasts all week so that isn’t really a deal breaker for me. If it was 10 dollars It would be, but since its only about six dollars I can live with it haha

🙂 For more info + other customer reviews + price click below

I have a few other shades that I will review once I find them haha I just moved and all my products are scattered in different boxes >_<

Thanks for reading 🙂 leave me a comment below to let me know what polishes you’ve been obsessed with!
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