NEW Matte Liquid Lipsticks – Pony Effect Stayfit Matte Lip Colour Review & Demo

NEW Matte Liquid Lipsticks – Pony Effect Stayfit Matte Lip Colour Review & Demo

Finally, liquid lipsticks that aren’t drying!
Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip Colour review and swatchesThe new Pony Effect Stayfit Matte Lip Colour’s are liquid lipsticks that are somehow both extremely pigmented and long lasting but also comfortable. Pony’s newest lipstick line comes in 10 shades that range from browny nudes to pinks to reds, so there is definitely something for everyone.pony2
The lipsticks come in a beautiful clear tube with a rose gold top so you can see the colour of the actual pigment right away. Each colour is very pigmented but some more so than others. The red and brown shades only require one layer to appear completely opaque but the shades ‘Spendid’ and ‘Exceptional’ need two layers, which isn’t a terrible thing haha I don’t mind applying two layers since the colour is so lovely so I’m not mad about it. They are all, as the name suggests, completely matte once fully dry.

Pony Effect Stayfit Matte Lip Colour Review & Demo
From left to right: Fantastic, Incredible, Flawless, So Good, Amazing, On Fleek, On Point, Magnificent, Exceptional, Splendid

In terms of longevity, once they are completely dry they stay on all day until I eat something. After a meal you will definitely have to do a retouch because they aren’t food-proof. Drink-proof? Yes. So you can go ahead and drink all the coffee you want! The lipsticks are also completely scent free, so anyone sensitive to smells will appreciate that aspect.
❤ Very comfortable – Doesn’t make my lips feel dry at all
❤ Excellent range of shades to choose from
❤ Very pigmented
❤ Scent-free
❤Long lasting
❅ The more orange shades require more than one layer for maximum opacity
❅ Right now it’s only available on the Memebox website for $18.50 USD

Yes! I would quickly recommend these to anyone interested in getting their hands on some liquid lipsticks. They are very pigmented, long-lasting, and most importantly comfortable. Plus there are so many shades to choose from 😀 My favourite is ‘Magnificent.’

To see a demo of each lipstick, watch my video below 🙂


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4 thoughts on “NEW Matte Liquid Lipsticks – Pony Effect Stayfit Matte Lip Colour Review & Demo”

  • Nice! I’m so excited for all of Pony’s makeup and everything lol. Do you think this means Kbeauty’s expanding from lip tints and subtle makeup? The colors are pretty bold considering it’s Kbeauty, and they’re matte too, so it’s not as subtle as lip tints?

    And did you change the settings in the comment section? O_O I can’t comment with my wordpress account now >_<

    • Same, I want all of her makeup haha. I think Kbeauty in Korea is still pretty insistent on subtle, natural makeup but Korean cosmetic companies have realized that they are becoming pretty popular overseas so they’re trying to cater to the international market with bolder makeup to match western trends.
      And nooooo you can’t?? I switched my website over to instead of .com D: Maybe that’s why? I’ll try to fix it but not sure if it’s just a .org thing D: is your blog on or self hosted??

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