Mani Monday – O.P.I’s Non-Stop White

Mani Monday – O.P.I’s Non-Stop White

This week’s Mani Monday features OPI’S Non-Stop White nail polish.

Non-Stop White is from OPI’s Infinite Shine 2 nail lacquer line. OPI’s website describes it as a

Uninterrupted, opaque white, long-lasting nail lacquer. Infinite Shine is a 3-step system which provides up to 11 days of wear and gel-like shine.

OPI’S Non-Stop White is a true white polish. It’s very pigmented, easy to apply and each coat dries down in less than a minute which is extremely exciting for individuals like me who find it impossible to sit still and wait for my nails to dry. While easy to apply, the first two coats produce a streaky finish so 3 coats are required in order to achieve an opaque layer. The final coat of polish is decently shiny but even then the texture is noticeably streaky and raised, so a top coat is necessary to smooth out the edges the brushes created and give the nails a professional shine. In the pictures, I topped off my manicure with OPI’s Top Coat and it made a huge difference.

Unfortunately, the polish only lasts 2-3 days before it starts to chip away at the edges. However, with OPI’s Top Coat it lasts 5-7 days before it starts to chip or peel away from the nail.

❤Very pigmented! This is one of the only white nail polishes I’ve used that produces an almost opaque first coat.
❤Super easy to apply.
❤Dries fast! Each coat dried in under a minute.

㋛ Only lasts for 2-3 days before it starts to chip. Not even close to 11 days OPI lol!
㋛ Each coat is pretty streaky & after the third layer it doesn’t dry down smooth. The edges the brushes create are very noticeable. So a top coat is necessary in order to achieve a smooth finish.
㋛ Retails for about $10-12 USD, which is a bit pricey for one polish.

I would give it a 3/5 because it is very pigmented for a white polish & that’s hard to come across. Major points were deducted because it only lasts 2-3 days before it needs a touch up.

Would I Re-purchase?
☺ Yes! I can’t ignore the polishes awesome pigmentation, plus with a good top coat it lasts throughout the week and my nails look like they were professionally done.

☺ Where to buy? Click the pic below ❤

Thanks for dropping by!
❤ Candice

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