Lipstick Queen Mornin’ Sunshine Lipstick Review + Swatches

Lipstick Queen Mornin’ Sunshine Lipstick Review + Swatches

Aaand were back at it again with another colour changing lipstick!

I’m sure you guys know how much I love colour changing lipsticks, especially ‘Frog Prince’ from Lipstick Queen (my review here). Well, after waiting in the checkout line to repurchase Frog Prince for the third time, I noticed the Mornin’ Sunshine’ Lipsticks also by the same company, sittin’ real pretty on the counter. After a quick internal debate (and a huge push from the sales associate behind the counter who RAVED about it) I decided to pick up Mornin’ Sunshine and save Frog Prince for another day.

Lipstick Queen’s website described Mornin’ Sunshine’ as a

yellow lipstick that transforms into a super flattering, super fun, peachy coral…[That] works with your pH to turn your own unique shade ranging from an uplifting coral to edible watermelon.

It also contains Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil.


Mornin’ Sunshine’ comes in a beautiful blue tube that feels soft, weighty and luxurious in the hand. The lipstick itself is yellow and uses the same colour transforming technology as the other lipsticks in the brands line. The lipstick swatches a light pink on my arm but on my lips, it shows up as more of a bright fuchsia. This is where my problem with the lipstick lies. WHY IS IT FUSCHIA LOL. Its advertised as a lipstick that transforms into a coral/watermelon shade, not a pink with a purple undertone, so why!? That aside, the lipstick isn’t truly a lipstick at all. It’s more of a lip balm/stain but I already knew that from using the Frog Prince lipstick so I wasn’t surprised, in fact I enjoy the moisturizing balmy finish. As for longevity, the stain lasts for hours if you don’t eat anything but it won’t last through oily foods. On the top left hand side is a picture of my lips with vaseline, and on the bottom is my lips after I’ve applied the Mornin’ Sunshine lipstick. Someone please explain to me why its fuchsia and not coral, because I am so confused and disappointed.

❤ Very comfortable and moisturizing
❤ Very pigmented
❤ Love the fun colour changing effect

✥ Shows up as a fuchsia, not a coral. WHYY??
✥ Pricey – Retails for $25-$35 USD

Final thoughts & Repurchase?
It has the same feel, finish and texture of the Frog Prince lipstick from the same line which I love. Its very moisturizing, pigmented, and comfortable to wear. However, it doesn’t quite perform as advertised since it transforms into more of a fuchsia colour than an coral. For this reason and because I am not a huge fan of fuchsia lipsticks, I would not repurchase this again. But if you’re a fan of fuchsia then this is a fun lipstick that I’m sure you would really enjoy.

Rating 2.5/5
★★✭☆☆ – Lost major points because I was super excited for a coral colour change and instead got a fuchsia shade.

The pic above is from my ‘Drunk/Hangover’ makeup video on Instagram where I used Mornin’ Sunshine on my lips and cheeks. Follow me on Instagram @8thdaybeauty !!

❤ If you are interested in purchasing the lipstick, click the pic below!



Thanks for reading, have a great day!
❤ Candice

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