Face Mask Haul – Cleansing + Anti-Aging

Face Mask Haul – Cleansing + Anti-Aging

I admit, I have an addiction to face masks.
Best in face masks 2016

People always ask me why 1. my skin is so clear and 2. why I look so young and I always answer with, “face masks.” Actually on that note, I am young haha I’m only in my mid 20’s, but I’m often mistaken for a teenager *cries*

In today’s haul I have a variety of masks that target different skin concerns. Some of them are meant to purify and cleanse the skin, while others treat dry and sensitive skin and or help treat/prevent signs of aging. I’ll start by introducing the cleansing masks before moving onto the skin treatment masks.

1. Berrisom’s Oops Soda Bubble Mask Brighten Fruit
This is a self-bubbling mask that contains carbonated sparkling water and fruit extracts like tomato, grapefruit and blueberry extract. The carbonating nature of the masks exfoliates and sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion.
berrisom soda bubble mask brighten fruit review
2. AprilSkin Mummy Mud Mask
Similar to the last mask, AprilSkin’s Mummy Mud Mask is also used to remove dry rough dead skin cells, blackheads, white heads as well as any other impurities. It’s called a ‘Mummy Mask’ because as it sits on the face, it reacts with the air and slowly transforms into a stiff, and textured mask that is reminiscent of a mummy haha It contains ingredients such a Hawaiian Clay (removes impurities from the skin), Green Tea extract (protects the skin from environmental pollutants & provides moisture) as well as other flower extracts to nourish the skin.

aprilskin mummy mud mask review
3. Tosowoong Rice Paper Pack
Tosowoong’s Rice Paper Pack is actually 2 pieces of dry rice paper! The dry paper absorbs the fermented rice essence and delivers a multitude of anti-aging benefits to the skin. The masks essence contains vitamins B & E and helps to remove toxins from the skin as well as helps to improve skin’s elasticity and firmness. Side note: fermented rice has been one of Asia’s ‘secret anti-aging beauty ingredients’ for years.

Tosowoong rice paper pack review
4. MEDIHEAL’s I.P.I Lightmax Hydro Nude Gel Mask & E.G.T TimeTox Ampoule Mask
Both masks are made of a luxurious hydrogel material. MEDIHEAL’s I.P.I Lightmax Hydro Nude Gel Mask is meant to brighten the skin as well as clear away impurities to promote a healthy lively complexion. The mask comes in 2 parts. One part for the upper section of your face and the other for the bottom half. The E.G.T TimeTox Ampoule Mask is an anti-aging mask that contains ingredients like Adesonine, Hydrogenated Lecithin and Collagen to improve the skins elasticity & diminish fine lines as well as firm the skin.

i.pi light max hydro nude gel mask and e.g.t timetox ampoule mask review

5. Tosowoong’s Pure Deep Sea Water Mask & Pure Green tea Mask
Tosowoong’s Pure Deep Sea Water Mask is enriched with Sea Water Extract and helps to hydrate, nourish and boost skin elasticity. Tosowoong Pure Green tea Mask is infused with Green Tea Extract to hydrate and brighten dry and tired looking skin. The Green Tea Extract also helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Tosoowoong Pure Green Tea Mask review

tosowoong pure deep sea water mask review

6. Elizavecca MilkyPiggy Goggles Eye Lock in Aqua Mask
I just wanna say that bae loves this mask LOL Unlike the other masks that cover the entire face, this one is quite literally a ‘goggle’ mask. It’s made of a bio-cellulose material that is infused with ingredients like coconut milk, donkey milk (sounds gross, but its amazing for the skin), along with Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Collagen, and Niacinamide which rejuvenates dull, tired and sagging skin around the eyes.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy goggles eye lock in aqua mask review

7. Mediheal Mask Dress: Dress Code Red
Mediheals Mask Dress in Dress Code Red highlights Ginseng extract as it’s main ingredient which helps the skin develop healthier and stronger cells. It’s perfect for anyone with sensitive and damaged skin. It also contains anti-aging properties which help prevent/diminish fine lines and sagging skin. Also, it’s super fun to use because the design reminds me of a masquerade ball 😀

mediheal mask dress dress code red review
And that is it! I will most likely do a review for each mask as I use, them so do check back for those.
Have you tried any of these masks? Let me know how you liked them if you did 🙂

I purchased all of the masks from various sites as well as Amazon but they can all be purchased from memebox.com. Click here to get 20% off your first order of $25 or more on memebox.com.

Thanks for reading 🙂
<3 Candice


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