Essie Eternal Optimist Nail Polish Review + Swatches

Essie Eternal Optimist Nail Polish Review + Swatches

Yesterday, I posted a photo of this polish on my Instagram @8thdaybeauty.
I also mentioned that the review + swatches for this polish would be up today, so here it is!

essie eternal optimist review
Eternal Optimist is a beautiful dusty pink nail polish with a mauve undertone. It’s a subtle and dainty colour that makes the hands look soft and feminine. Unfortunately, aside from the lovely colour, the polish leaves much to be desired.


Ease of application ★★★★★ : The polish has a standard nail polish brush size and shape. It’s easy to apply and produces streak free layers.

essie eternal optimist review swatches
Opacity ★★★½ : 3 layers are required to achieve a solid colour.

essie eternal optimist review

Longevity ★ : This polish did not even last one full day without chipping. Not. One. Day. Absolutely disappointing. After the first and second day the chips were so apparent that I removed it all together. I even used a top coat! I can’t even imagine how early on the polish would have chipped if I had skipped the top coat.

essie eternal optimist review
Left: Nail polish chippage after less than 24 hours. Right: Nails after 2 days.

Price ★★½ : Retails for $7 USD (approximately). It’s actually a reasonable price, but considering it chipped in less than a day, I deducted a full star.

This nail polish gets 2 ½ stars. It’s a beautiful shade, applies easily and has a decent level of opacity with just one coat. But I cannot believe how easily it chipped even with a top coat!! I wouldn’t recommend this polish unless you have an amazing top coat that you are certain will extend it’s longevity. *Sighs*

What is your favourite long-lasting top coat? Let me know below because I’m constantly on the hunt for a good one!


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