Easy Skin Pamper Routine & Dear by Enprani Tone Up Booskin Review

Easy Skin Pamper Routine & Dear by Enprani Tone Up Booskin Review

The Dear by Enprani Tone Up Booskin is- first of all a really long name haha – but its a toner that helps deal with uneven skin tone, rough skin and dry skin and just skin that looks and feels tired in general, and I know we’ve all had those days.
Dear by Enprani Tone Up Booskin Review 7I get all my kbeauty products from Memebox.com and they sell a lot of other Korean makeup and skincare products too so if you are interested you can use this link to get 20% off your first purchase of $25 or more on Memebox.com: http://share.memebox.com/x/H1ajGZ ♡ now onto the review 😀
This product is a toner that contains a bunch of really great ingredients like green tea extract, witch hazel and a lot herbal oils that will feed your skin and boost its health. Dear by Enprani Tone Up Booskin Review 6Consistency wise, it feels a bit thicker than water. It also has a very luxurious rose scent that makes me feel like I’m being pampered at a 5 star spa haha.  Unlike many other toners, this one doesn’t dry out my skin at all. In fact what I really like about this toner is that it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. It’s very light and soothing and doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky residue on the skin. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it has really smoothed out my rough and flakey areas as well as diminished the redness and uneven skin tones on my face. Also, I wasn’t expecting this, but it has lightened up my acne scars 😀 Wooo bonus!! Dear by Enprani Tone Up Booskin Review 5It contains calamine powder too so you have to shake the bottle before using it because the powder and liquid will separate. Iff you aren’t familiar with Calamine powder, it’s used in many skin care products to relieves redness and skin irritation.
☆ Very Light weight, perfect for those with sensitive skin (didn’t make me breakout at all!!)
☆ Very soothing and helps with rough, uneven, irritated skin
☆ Lightened my acne scars and evened out my skin tone
☆ Huge bottle, it will take you ages to finish.
☆ Soft and pleasant rose scent
☆ Moisturizing! Didn’t dry  out my skin at all
❉ Kind of pricey for a toner. I got mine from Memebox and they sell it for $20 USD

How I Use It:
I like to use this two ways. The first way I like to use it is like a normal toner. After I’ve cleansed my face in the morning, I pour a bit onto my hands then pat the toner into my face until its fully absorbed. Dear by Enprani Tone Up Booskin Review 4

The second and my favorite way to use it is more like a face mask. I soak a few cotton sheets with the toner then place the saturated sheets on my forehead, and cheeks. I like to do this a few times a week, especially on days where I feel like I was outside too long and my skin feels a bit rough and dry.
Dear by Enprani Tone Up Booskin Review 2
Just like in the morning I do this after I’ve cleansed my face and before I apply any of my other skin care products. Dear by Enprani Tone Up Booskin Review 3The Nooni Skin Pack Sheets are natural plant fiber pads and I really like them because they absorb product well, stay moist for a long time and they are a really good size for covering the forehead and cheek area. So After I’m happy with the placement of the little squares on my face I just let them sit there for 15 minutes. I also want to show you guys another way I use the Nooni sheets. Dear by Enprani Tone Up Booskin ReviewSo you know how there is always so much essence left at the bottom of your face mask packet? I like to put four or five of the Nooni sheets inside the packet to soak up all of the remaining essence, then I have a bunch of mini sheet masks to use in the future! Isn’t that awesome?! Winning! I love being able to get the most out of my products. After 15 minutes I simply remove the sheets and then pat the remaining product into my face. And after that I’m done! If you don’t have these exact products then you can make your own mini face mask by soaking a few cotton sheets with your favorite essence, moisturizer, toner etc., place the sheets on our face then leave it to do it’s magic for 15 minutes!Dear by Enprani Tone Up Booskin Review 1

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