Dirty Works Stay Cool Cucumber Eye Pads Review

Dirty Works Stay Cool Cucumber Eye Pads Review

When I was in high school I use to love placing cold cucumber slices on my eyes after a long day…
So naturally, when I saw these sitting on the shelves of my local TJMaxx I snatched up the last box before the lady standing beside me (whose curiosity was also piqued by the cute packaging) got to them first. *Cackles*


These are the Stay Cool Cucumber Eye Pads by Dirty works, a British born and bred beauty brand. According to their website, these eye pads pre-moistened with Cucumber Extract and Aloe Vera, are the “the ultimate remedy to relieve and rejuvenate those peepers that have fallen victim to puffiness and dark circles.”

Each box comes with 10 pairs of cucumber eye pads. In addition to the eye pads that are soaked with the Cucumber and Aloe essence, each individual sleeve also has enough essence to cover the entire face and neck

Directions from the website
“Make sure the eye area is free from any traces of make-up. Remove contact lenses before use. Place a pad on each closed eye for 2-5 minutes. For an even more cooling treat – place eye pads in fridge for 15 minutes before use.”

How I Used the Product
The directions say to place the eye pads on the eyes, but Cucumber and Aloe extract are excellent skin pampering ingredients, so I placed the pads on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin as well. After 2 minutes I removed the pads and patted the essence into my skin.

This was my first time trying anything from this brand and I was super excited at the prospect of being able to treat certain areas of my face without using a full sheet mask. I love pampering my face but sometimes I’m just too lazy to apply an entire face mask, you know?

The little cucumbers were soft to the touch but they felt papery as opposed to the delicate cotton texture of masks from other brands. Also, while the pads were completely saturated with the essence, they were also quite thick, stiff and didn’t mold to the contours of my face well. I found myself constantly pressing the pads onto my face to keep them from falling off.  Additionally, the (website) instructions say to leave the pads on for 2-5 minutes before removing them but sadly after two minutes they were completely dry and fell of my face on their own. This was my biggest issue with the pads. I could not believe that they were completely dry after 2 minutes. Every single other eye pad/eye patch/fruit or flower slice face mask I have used (like the A’Pieu Cucumber Slice Mask) remained moist for at least 15 minutes!

Yet despite all of its downfalls, I still enjoyed the pads. They did a good job of hydrating and soothing my skin and hours later my skin still felt very soft and supple. I also enjoyed how I was able to cover my entire face, neck and chest with the extra essence in the packet. For 5 dollars I can see myself getting a pretty good use out of these cucumber pads.

Lots of extra essence to cover neck and chest
Sanitary & Cute Packaging
Affordable – 1 box of 10 pairs retails for about $5 USD depending on where you buy it

Doesn’t get rid of dark under eyes
Doesn’t depuff eyes
♡ Stiff and doesn’t mold/stick to the face well
♡ Dried after 2 minutes

Final Thoughts
My initial experience with these eye pads were just ok. Nothing amazing but not bad either. They were hydrating and soothing but didn’t depuff my eyes or get rid of dark circles. In hindsight, I can see how these would be a satisfactory product for individuals who only want to (or have the time to) spare two minutes during the day to hydrate their eye area, but a good eye cream or moisturizer would be more convenient and efficient. I think these would be a fun way to hydrate under the eyes before makeup OR as an eye shadow shield to catch fallen pigment. That is definitely how I plan to use them from now on haha

Rating & Recommend
Since its cheap I would recommend it if you’re curious, but know that there are better eye pads/fruit slice masks out there.

★I recommend these instead★



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