Beauty People Flash Fix Pearl Pigment Pact Review & Swatches

Beauty People Flash Fix Pearl Pigment Pact Review & Swatches

These intense, high pigment foil eye shadows will light up any of your makeup looks!

When I was little I had an unhealthy relationship with glitter and sparkles (some would say I still do hehe). I would put it on anything and everything in an attempt to beautify any object that I deemed otherwise boring. Glitter in my hair? Of course! It wasn’t even an option to go without. Glitter on Mom’s favourite plants? Duh. They needed makeup. Glitter on every door knob? Absolutely! In my 6 year old mind door knobs loved glitter! You get the picture. Fortunately, for my mom, as I grew older my obsession with glitter transformed into a love for shimmery makeup. So naturally, when I saw Beauty People’s Fix Pearl Pigment Pact eye shadows, I was convinced that I needed them in my life.

I have three of the pigments in the shades #3 Glow Light, #4 Star Light and #10 Twilight. ‘Glow Light’ is true gold colour, ‘Star Light’ a beautiful bronze with a pink undertone and ‘Twilight’ a mesmerizing deep gray with pink and silver shimmers.These pigments are unlike any other eye shadows I own. They extremely vivid, mesmerizing, magical, the list could go on and on and while their intensity may look intimidating at first, they are also very easy to work with. All of the pigments are very soft, buttery, glides onto the eyelid smoothly and blends together with other shadows easily. These shadows work best when applied with a finger and one swipe is enough to create a solid and rich colour payoff.

Every shadow has a texture that is similar to very soft and delicate gold flakes. When picked up with a finger or brush the pigment separates into small flecks and melds together when blended onto the eye lid. Because of the unique texture, there is a bit of fallout during application.

8+ hours. Very long lasting & remains pigmented throughout the day.

❤ Comes in a sturdy & portable jar
❤ Jar is filled to the brim with pigment & will last for quite a long time because a little goes a long way
❤ Intensely pigmented
❤ Soft & buttery
❤ Easy to work with. Finger application is the way to go
❤ Long Lasting
❤ Good value. $9 USD for 1.8 grams of product

? Impossible to remove the glitter without getting it everywhere lol you will find specs of glitter on your arms, clothes, desk etc. for days
? Doesn’t apply as well with a brush
? Fallout during application
? Not readily available. I bought mine on a few months ago but it doesn’t seem to be available at the moment

Final Thoughts
I love these pigments. I am absolutely mesmerized every time I use them. I hope memebox restocks them so that I can get my hands on the other shades in the line! They can be a bit messy but if you love shimmery shadows then you know it’s unavoidable haha

Thanks for reading! ❤

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