Anskin Pearl Modeling Mask for Brightening and Moisturizing – Review & Demo

Anskin Pearl Modeling Mask for Brightening and Moisturizing – Review & Demo

If you haven’t tried rubber masking yet, you should definitely add it to your list of ‘skincare musts’ asap!

I love modelling a.k.a. rubber masks because its fun, provides amazing results (most of them anyway) and if you ask someone to apply it for you, it feels like being pampered at a spa. One of my favourite rubber masks, that I’ve been repurchasing every four-ish months since early 2017, is the Anskin Pearl Modeling Mask that I discovered on Amazon.

According to the Amazon product page it,

Contains 20 kinds of amino acids, 28 kinds of minerals, protein and anti-aging material. Effective to prevent aging spots, pores, aging prevention, whitening, and suitable for all skin types. Prevents skin irritation, reduce skin blushing and help to maintain healthy skin tone. Gently removes the outermost layer of dead skin cell without causing injury on your skin, helps to improve the appearance of the skin, and protects skin from bacteria

The English on The Amazon page is a bit wonky since the product is made in Korea but I’m sure you get the gist of what the product claims to deliver.

On to the application!

Review/ Does it work?
I have been using this mask for about a year now and I love it. One container lasts anywhere from three to four months and that all depends on how consistently I use it. Normally, I incorporate it into my routine two or three times a week. I really enjoy it because it truly helps to lighten acne scars and uneven pigmentation. I’ve also noticed that it has helped to brighten my overall skintone, although that might just be the result of a more even complexion, either way works for me! Its also very soothing and moisturizing, which is why I like to use this mask during my period week when my skin tends to act up and or after a long day in the sun.

Now for the ‘cons.’ I haven’t noticed any skin tightening or improved elasticity so it falls short on its anti-aging claims. Aside from that, the only other ‘con’ would have to be the messy application. It’s pretty tricky to apply and dries quickly so it takes a few applications to get the hang of it. To me its fun (ღ˘⌣˘)♥ but, I know a lot of people don’t like time consuming products so I’ll just go ahead and file this point under the cons list haha.

Diatomite, Natural lemon grass particles (4%), Lemongrass extract, Sodium Alginate, Glucose, Magnesium oxide, Calcium Sulfate, Mineral oil, Corn starch, Tetra sodium pyro phosphate. + A bunch of other ingredients in Korean. Please refer to the Amazon page for a full list.

❤ Lightens acne scars
❤ Evens out skintone
❤ Brightens complexion
❤ Very moisturizing & calming
❤ Fun to use
❤ Affordable! $10-$13 on Amazon

★ A bit tricky to apply the first couple of times
★ No noticeable anti-aging effects

Would I recommend/ Repurchase?
Definitely. Anyone can benefit from the masks complexion evening, moisturizing and calming effects. I have repurchased this mask four times already and will continue to do so. (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥


(Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥ If you are interested in purchasing the mask click the picture below!

Thanks for reading!

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