5 of My Fave Asian Sheet Mask Deals on Amazon

I live, LIVE for these deals.

I love the convenience of online shopping so I am constantly browsing and picking up new (and old fave) skincare products on Amazon. The following items are tried and tested products that I have recently purchased and that I know will give my skin the boost it needs to look clear, healthy and glowy again. In no particular order, lets begin!

1. Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Sheets

Why These Are Great: Aside from being the best bang for your buck on this list,this set comes with 15 different sheet masks that cater to various skin concerns and needs. For example, the ‘Lime Mask’ is good for clearing acne, the ‘Pomegranate Mask’ for increasing skin elasticity and the ‘Rice Mask’ for brightening/evening out the skin tone. Some masks are more moisturizing than others, but honestly regardless of which mask you use, your skin will be left looking plump, hydrated and refreshed after 20 minutes.

Price: $15 approximately


2. Elizavecca Deep Power Ringer Masks
Why These are Great: Whereas many of the Innisfree masks sometimes feel like they are simply moisturizing your skin (which is not a bad thing at all), regular use of the Elizavecca Deep Power Ringer masks resulted in a noticeable improvement in my skin. To give a few examples, the ‘Deep Power’ & ‘Milk Ringer’ masks have helped to even out my acne scarring and uneven pigmentation, the ‘EGF Deep Power’ mask really has helped with the elasticity of my skin, and the ‘Collagen’ mask always makes my skin look plump and radiant. The variety of masks in this set gives you the perfect excuse to try out new ingredients and see which ones work the best for your skin.

Price: $12 approximately


3. My Beauty Diary Imperial Birds Nest Mask II

Why These Are Great: These are from Japan and are the ultimate nourishing and anti-aging masks. Perfect for anyone with dehydrated and sagging skin as they contain amino acids, collagen and polysaccharides extracted from imperial birds nests. Birds Nests (harvested safely and properly) have been a staple in not just asian skincare, but in asian cuisine for centuries as they are believed to have extraordinary youth extending benefits.

Price: $14 approximately


4. Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask

Why These Are Great: These are magic in a sachet for period pimples and rough skin. The masks contain Witch Hazel and other amazing ingredients that help to calm acne, soften the skins texture and hydrate as well as tighten pores.  When it’s period time and I notice a few pimples starting to appear, I use this before bed and the next morning my pimples are either gone or have gone down significantly. Win x100000!!

Price: $15 approximately


5. Benton Snail Bee High content Sheet Mask

Why These Are Great: This mask does everything. The magic ingredient in this mask is Snail Secretion Filtrate which calms acne, improves skin texture, moisturizes, lifts and firms the skin and even decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Make sure to spot test before use though, as some people will be too sensitive to the Snail Secretion.

Price: $19 approximately


There we have it! Hope you enjoyed!

*All links are affiliate links.